Some General Information

  • Healthy men above 60 years, single women above 45 years, divorce, widow are acceptable. In case of couple, at least one person should be above 60 years of age. In some cases, such as mental retardation, physical disability, mental problems, etc., age exemptions are worth considering. No fitness certificate has to be given before admission. But later we will do some medical examination at your expense to keep him well in the coming days.
  • Leave the potential resident on a daily basis for at least seven days before becoming a member to see if the place will be suitable.
  • Whenever you come, bring time with you. Spend a lot of time with your relatives. Eat here if needed. Team up.
  • We celebrate the birthdays of our members. May your family be present that day. Your relatives will get new life.
  • If you are seriously ill, we will admit you to the hospital with your permission. We will take care. However, only our members will get this opportunity.
  • Those who stay (guests) without deposit will not get this opportunity. In that case we will just call you. You are responsible for hospitalization or care.
  • If a resident is absent for 15 consecutive days or more in a month, Rs.1000 / - will be deducted from the monthly expenses. We take residents on occasional trips. It costs no-profit-no-loss evenly distributed on the basis of losses.
  • Daily use items like oil, soap, medicine etc. are not included in the monthly expenditure. You can buy these. If necessary, we can also buy. In that case 10% service charge has to be paid. He who buys this money gets it. If you are unable to afford it, you may need to pay in advance. 
  • You will receive a receipt for the money you deposit and an agreement will be made with you mentioning the name of the nominee in the court paper.