Proposed Projects

Senior citizen housing complex:

The path started on 22nd December 2017. On that day, we express our thoughts on Facebook. Yes, we are talking about building senior citizen housing on the basis of our no-profit-no-loss. At that time the idea was very small. Exactly one year later we are going to make the dream of implementing it a success. Till date, 1983 senior people have joined our team. The amount of land I imagined was 3 bighas, today I am going to take it over 13 bighas (land will increase further). What used to be a dream of 30 flats is now over 160. Let us explain to you the basics of senior citizen housing.

We want to create a modern home for the elderly that they will build themselves and that will be on a no-profit-no-loss basis. These flats are suitable for you if you are over 55 years of age, but from the age of 50 you are able to enroll. The flats will be the same (roughly 320-350 sq. Ft., With one bedroom, one sitting room, one kitchenette, one bathroom, one balcony, in a word studio apartment), where you can live on your own. The house should look a lot like Bawali Rajbari (look at the picture of Bawali Rajbari on Google). The house will be four to five storeys (this will depend on the soil test, which is not possible right now). Each house will have at least four elevators. For now, it is thought that there will be three such houses. Each house will have about 80-100 flats. The housing complex will have a park, gym (rich in physiotherapy equipment), swimming pool, library, restaurant, auditorium, venue for social events (grandchildren will be married here), etc. The things that will be extra are the strands along the Ganges, own ghats, a general store in PPP model, generic drug store in PPP model. In this store, you will find all of the daily necessities, even raw market, fish meat. There will be a mini ICU with two beds inside. The ambulance will be stocked for 24 hours. There will be cars to rent out. But there will be no garage to keep your own car. For those who want a garage, any land can be bought and built separately. But let me say that these will not happen in one day. You will get these when all the units are finished. There will be guest rooms for your guests to stay. We will take care of her. You can eat from our General Kitchen temporarily or forever without cooking yourself. You can wash clothes in General Laundry. We will clean the bathroom in your house. If you are sick, we will give you a nanny. If you go out somewhere, like a bank, etc. we will give people along. If you are immobile, we will wheel you around. We will take all the responsibility for the death of a childless couple or a single person in a written way. We will do all the funerals, head covering and mourning. If you have a sick, mentally retarded, invalid child, I will sign all the responsibilities of death in your absence in front of everyone. We are making all the arrangements so that elderly people can spend their last life in joy and despair. But the day you die, the flat is no longer yours. You will get the flat on a lease basis. There will be a lease registry. A flat can accommodate a maximum of three people. It is mainly intended for two people. But if you have a child with a mental or physical disability or an unmarried girl over the age of 45, you can live with her. The lease will expire if at most three of these people die. The flat will then be handed over to another elderly man on the panel. You can't beat the money. Your nominee will get back the then market price. If you decide not to be in the middle of building a house or die, you will get your money back immediately and the flat will be handed over to the person on the panel. You can sell the flat while you are here and go somewhere else. The refund rules are the same. That means you don't even have to think about selling the flat. These will all be open. Will be written on all websites. How much money you are paying us to buy a flat or monthly maintenance charges etc. will be kept in your account which you can see by logging in as a member. You can take a look at the panel. You can record complaints at home, order food, book a car, etc. through our app. This is why we are building an expensive website. You took the flat now, maybe you didn't need to come now. In that case you can hand over the keys to the authorities for renting the short stay (this is optional, you can find out about the short stay concept by phone / mail) And you can open your account on the website / app at home and see how much money has been deposited in your account. But what you can't do is give your flat to your heir or hand it over to the person you want. If your child is over 50, you can have him or her registered with the panel.

We got the land on the banks of the Ganges in Kalyani. The nearest railway station is Kalyani Ghoshpara. The amount of land is a little more than 13 bighas at present. It will increase later. We will have our own Ganges Ghat. Railing paved strands like Chandannagar or Pondicherry will be 532 feet. The Ganges can be seen from the balcony of each flat. Anyone of you can go see the land. You have to contact us for that

We have formed a sub-committee from among the people whose names have been enrolled. Our engineers, accountants, administrators, etc. have all been selected from among you. Even the bank account signature has been taken from the team

After a lot of deductions, the price of each flat in the first phase can stand at Rs 9 lakh according to the calculations of our engineers. The calculation is still going on.

To sign up for this project, you must first enter your name, mail ID and WhatsApp number. It's free. We will send you the draft of Terms and Conditions, exact location of the land, list of members of the sub-committee etc. We will then invite you to register. Before calling for registration, I will give you the final copy of Terms and Conditions, exact size and location of the land, house design, interior design of the flat, price of the flat fixed by the engineer, etc. If you like watching and listening to these, then you can register through a non-refundable 1000/- check or online (sitting at home). When you register, you will be labeled as a Registered Applicant (RA). You will then have an account on our website that you can open with a password. This time a panel will be created by lottery among these registered applicants. Whose costume name is ‘Panel Lottery’. The first 60 people from the panel will be called for the first phase. The name of the person who does not want to go to the end of the panel. They will first deposit Tk 2 lakh within 15 days. Then pay the rest of the money in installments as the house rises. The second and third phases will begin shortly after the first phase begins. There will be a lottery again among those who started giving money. The dress name of this lottery is ‘Position Lottery’, which will determine which flat you are going to get. In addition, some people (currently up to 20 people) will be given flats without lottery. Those who need more or those who are unable to get through the panel at the moment (there is a name at the end) can take the flat this way. They must pay more. For now, take more than 2 lakh. However, the exact amount of money, how many will get will be decided in the meeting of the sub-committee. They will be able to deposit Rs 2 lakh directly before the panel lottery. All these things will be informed to you before the registration. This more money will be spent mainly on building strands or other developmental works, raising more land. It is estimated that it will cost over Tk 1.5 crore to build our strand, own jetty, launch, etc. All of you will have to face an interview before taking the first installment (it can also be by phone). The decision of the interview committee is final.

Our registration is going to start very soon. We are going to organize a boat party (two-storied government boat) from January 20 to 26. It will run from 10 am to 4 pm. The boat will leave and crowd at the jetty of Fairley Place, Kolkata. Our engineer officers will explain everything in detail, including food, tappa songs, odyssey dances in the buffet system throughout the day. Everyone will be given a printed brochure. Housing's website will be launched on this day. About 100 people will get an opportunity at this party. 50 enlisted persons will get the opportunity to join by cutting a check of Rs.1000 and a ticket of Rs.1000 more. The check must be submitted to the boat. For the remaining 50 people, anyone can join by buying a ticket of 2000 rupees. They are not obliged to pay any check for registration. They will be mainly family members of enlisted people or will be curious to know more. These tickets need to be booked online on a pre-cut basis. This will be informed in detail later.

Our registration will start through the boat party and will continue for a month. You can also fill out forms and send money at home. Exactly one month after the start of registration, there will be a panel lottery in front of your eyes in Kolkata.

Tell us the mail ID and WhatsApp number of those who want to enroll now. We will give you a serial number and send you a draft of the terms and conditions and other necessary information by mail. Name enrollment does not mean registration. Registration will be by depositing Rs.1000 and filling up a simple form. You can remove your name from the enrollment list by mail whenever you wish. The purpose of enrollment is to provide more detailed and regular information to specific individuals. At the end of the registration period, the enrollment list will be canceled and if you do not register, the information will stop flowing to you.

If you have difficulty understanding something or if there is fog, find out in detail on the phone. Come to Ashoknagar (near Habra, 22 km from Barasat) and see us. We have guest rooms here for the night. Understand and do what you do. It's not a business - it's a joint venture, so you're involved. So we have no obligation to please anyone. You have to understand everything. We are ready 24 hours to answer any of your questions.