Daily Routine

Tales of living
This time, let's discuss how the residents spend their days here, what they eat and so on.
What is usually done for the sick:
Biscuits with tea between 8.30 am and 8.00 am. Before that, of course, brush your teeth. Exercise after that. After that putout. Snacks from 8.30 to 9.00. Bread, vegetables, fruits or sweets and soups are usually served. However, for changing the face, sometimes chow / luchi / upma / semolina pudding, etc. are given. Lunch between 12.30 and 1.00, which includes some boiled vegetables, vegetables, vegetarian curry, pulses, fish / eggs / meat and chutney / yogurt. Another term is given to those who are vegetarians. Meat is given once a week. On that day the vegetarians were fed cheese. Vegetarian for everyone one day a week. After feeding at noon, everyone was put to sleep. Fruit for everyone at 4.30 pmTea, except for an hour and a half, with something delicious. During this time they watched TV, someone read a book, someone was walking. Dinner between 6.00-8.30. We like to eat bread, along with curry and milk / lamb. Everyone was put to sleep by 9 o'clock.

People who have certain medical restrictions on eating, such as diabetic, renal failure patients, are served food according to medical rules. Special request to the people of the residential house.

When they come to visit: Please do not bring any food just for your relatives, if you have to bring it, bring it for all the residents. You are coming into a family, so keep all members in mind. Bring within your means, whether it is a lozenge or not.

Sometimes we invite nearby artists to play a little song in the evening. Those who are able to walk have to be brought out by pushing the car. Movies are also taken to see. However, the cost of travel has to be borne separately. There is also the annual picnic, the long haul.

Celebrating the birthdays of each of the residents is a must for us - I have seen this beautiful work give the residents a lot of joy.