Cost Involved

Before putting in any accommodation, look at the current cost and how much it will cost in the future. What services do you get in the cost of housing claims? The cost of older people increases with age. What will be the cost of the nanny, or how will the raw material. Who is responsible for taking the sick to the hospital, etc., etc.

This time let's talk about the monthly expenses - where it will come from. Whether the person who is staying has a pension, or has money saved or has salable assets. No matter what you have to do. Always keep in mind that the one who will be there will run his expenses on his money. If you are below 65 years of age, get a 'Senior Citizen Mediclaim'. The cost of treatment will be greatly reduced.


Membership is at your discretion, so before taking membership judge all the sides carefully. You will never be requested or approached for membership. Short stay (as guest - daily payment basis, without deposit) for at least 7 days (even several times) is mandatory for getting membership. This is a non-profit democratic service organization. You have every right to ask for clarification. After getting membership you or your representative will have right to attend meeting. Your membership is liable to be rejected by the existing members if you disrupt peace or family concept.

Nripobithi Senior Living Accommodation (sick and normal both): The rates are for staying in sharing/ single basis. It includes food at dining place, routine health check up, washing of clothes, cleaning of room, birth day celebration (members only), routine entertainment. Extra cost: care provider, physiotherapy/ massage, hair & beard dressing, Personal TV, outside doctor call, laboratory charges, special physiotherapy, cost of medicine, hospitalization, consumables etc.

Upante Assisted Senior Living Accommodation (only sick) : The rates are inclusive of individualized food, sharing lodging, 24 hrs. care provider, routine health check up, routine physiotherapy/ massage/ exercise, daily washing of clothes, hair & beard dressing, 24 hrs. hot water, TV, birth day celebration (members only), routine entertainment etc. Outside doctor call, laboratory charges, special physiotherapy, cost of medicine, hospitalization, consumables etc. are excluded. Hospitalisation, monitoring, post hospitalization care is our responsibility only for the members.


Remunaration related enquiry Please contact with us


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