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Let's go to the land of red crabs

( 04/05/2019 )

Going again. This time in the land of red crabs. Bogra olives. Many do not know the name. Quite a jungle, very secluded, far from the city. Only genuine veterans. 5 km from Junput. Three nights in March. Virgin Beach. Oysters Oysters. The calm sea. There are cottages, there are tents, there are ordinary houses. There are hotels with lots of space - there is a hammock, there is a Zhou forest. Remember Bankimchandra's Kapalakundla? The novel is based on true eWhy eat fresh fish from the warehouse and sit there and fry it. Rows of fish trawlers at Shankarpur. Picnic in Zhaoban. Baul song in the evening, with a cocktail. The other evening the documentary on the sea through projectors, the events of the sea expedition heard from the mouths of fishermen. Then there is the coastal safari at night - enthusiasts go out. Sunrise on the beach at sunrise in the morning, with dance worship. Meditation and motivational program events. There is still that Kali temple, there is Dariapur lighthouse. Digha estuary fish market. The game of fancy psychology of members of Green Mind. Measure your 'Depression', 'Happiness'. Last night campfire - live chicken roast, a cocktail with bamboo chicken. Dance by yourself, sing - blow away the frown of age. But I want to bring the book of songs or poems under my arm. Income will go to income. March 12, 13, 14 of 2019. Return 15th afternoon. Passengers will be collected from different points of Kolkata, Howrah, Sheyaldaha stations by 10 am on 12th. Points will be fixed later based on the location of the house of those who will go. Each Tata Sumo has 6 people. The couple will try to give a house if they go. Those who go alone will have to share the house. A request for a house for one person will not be accepted. If one of the couple is below the quota of sixty, there is no problem. Requests to take with minors will not be accepted. You will find commodes in all the houses, but there is no geyser. Yet hot water will match. AC will not be on. Wherever you go, you'll find a chair - no need to sit on the ground. No need to walk anywhere, the car will reach the spot. Outside will be with folding bathroom for bathroom. There will be doctors, oxygen, medicines etc. Health check up will be done once you arrive. Those who are prohibited from eating will get food according to medical rules. All cooking will be spiced with a little oil. I will cook myself, not the hotelier. There will be emergency equipment like a doctor, oxygen, nebulizer etc. The cost is 6500 rupees per head. Sharing. Only the whole four have fallen. Double bedroom finish. If two people or a couple or two friends are together in a triple bedroom (one bed will be empty) the cost is Rs. 15,000 for two people. 18,000 in a room with three people. There are four more like this. 75% refund if the booking is canceled seven days before the start of the tour. We dance when the cost seems high. For enthusiasts booking, mail to WhatsApp. Bank account details will be sent. The application will send a list with the phone numbers of those who have been on tour for the last five years. Below are pictures of the hotel and the environment. Now the rest is yours.

Those who are interested can contact us by phone, WhatsApp, Mail to send money in advance. The money has to be sent through the bank. If you don't send money in advance, eavesdrop.